Ain’t No Party Like a Gringo Party

Routinely Nomadic

There is a common refrain among travellers that goes something like, “it’s not the place, it’s the people”. Which, although only marginally true in most cases, does serve as a tidy little phrase to lead us into a discussion about all the expatriates that live here at the lake. In this entry I won’t get into all the permanent, born-and-raised Guatemalans that also live here and, of course, far outnumber the transplanted foreigners. Because that would be a much longer conversation and, much like at home, their stories tend to be more commonplace and less unusual than those of people who at some point along the way decided to leave everything and everyone they know to start a new life in a place completely foreign to them. In this particular instance, a place where the spiders tend to be the same size as the oranges.

San Juan

Originally we assumed…

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