Flores, Guatemala

Sturgis Chick

Bike Trip Rio Dulce 474Flores is a tiny island in Lake Peten Itza in Guatemala. It’s about an hour from Tikal and several people have said it’s a cute place to stop. You ride over a causeway from the town of Santa Elena to get to the island. And there are no hotels that have parking for the bikes, so I won’t be staying but stop over for lunch instead.
Bike Trip Rio Dulce 517
The island is hilly and at the top I find the main church and a community park. Some locals are hanging out at a tienda (snack shop) and are watching a soccer game on tv.
Bike Trip Rio Dulce 509
I wander down the narrow cobblestoned street to the waters edge and have to avoid the tuk tuks coming up the hill.
Bike Trip Rio Dulce 515
The view from above was nice.
Bike Trip Rio Dulce 512
The shoreline of the island is lined with hostels and cafes and bars.
Bike Trip Rio Dulce 491
And at the northern side the road is…

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