#Chicabal Lake Volcano @immersiontravel: Grassroots Ecology in #Guatemala by @NoHayBroncaBlog

Area Protegida Volcan Chicabal, Guatemala – Ted Campbell @NoHayBroncaBlog

Volcan and Laguna Chicabal – Guatemala – @NoHayBroncaBlog

“Wailing voices echo across the lake to where I sit on a bench, breaking open rambutans, small fruit the size of golf balls with hairy red peels. Three women bow down at the shore as they sing and pray, wearing the multicolored, woven dresses of Guatemalan Mayans. A man in jeans sits behind them and two small children quietly play. From about 50 yards away, I’m close enough to see, but I hope not close enough to be intrusive.

All I can understand from their songs and chants is Gracias Senor – thank you, Lord. A cloud gathers over the lake and rises up in a column, like a slow motion eruption of steam.

I start walking on the trail that goes around the lake. Wooden signs along the shore are written in a language that isn’t quite Spanish, messages about different Mayan gods and requests to take out your garbage. Sometimes the trail dips into thick forest. I walk for an hour until I finally reach the worshippers, but I don’t want to disturb them, so I walk by as lightly as possible.” Ted Campbell

The rest of the story and more photos http://www.immersiontravelmag.com/?q=content/chicabal-lake-volcano-grassroots-ecology-guatemala


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