By Hand, the Guatemalan Way

Routinely Nomadic

Over several years and several visits to the Lake Atitlán area, and Pasaj-Cap in particular, we have witnessed far more construction than I would have ever expected. Now, while that construction has taken all sorts of forms from to stonework to cottage building to dock repair to carpentry to sauna recovery to fixing the half-destroyed curtain serving surrounding our bed intended to serve as bedroom of sorts while the guy fixing it occasionally glanced at us in a slyly accusing manner as though he was well aware of the type of sexual shenanigans that might have resulted in an emergency bed curtain repair job. And as diverse as they may have been as far as jobs go, the one thing they all had in common, besides the fact that I would be of little use even in a pinch, was that in every case the process involves far more labour…

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